The Beatles perform in November 1963

As the seasons change so do people's musical tastes, according to streaming leader Spotify.

The most obvious change is the flourishing of Christmas music every year during winter, but there are a bunch of other changes in what people listen to. To learn more about these trends, Spotify's data scientists looked at 100,000 of the most popular artists on its platform over a two-year period.

Here are a few of the insights Spotify gleaned about the different seasons:
  • Fall: "People really like traditional, orchestral, acoustic music."
  • Winter: Spoken word recordings, "mellower" subgenres, and music associated with particular countries.
  • Spring: "Sunny, upbeat genres like Melbourne bounce, happy hardcore, and Eurovision."
  • Summer: Audiobooks and "beach-oriented genres like deep tropical house and ragga jungle."
Spotify also took a look at which particular artists dominate each season. No surprise that old-school crooner Bing Crosby shows up in winter.
Here are the top 4 artists that dominate each season, according to Spotify:

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